Search Engine as a Concert Venue

Musicians want to acquire and develop a large, dedicated following. While there are many ways to reach people and gain exposure, the concert venue is where we find the most engaged audience. People who plan time in their week to venture out to see you perform are most likely to buy records and other tour merchandise.

Website owners also desire an engaged audience. People searching for your brand, product or service are more likely to convert. When I thought about the role search engines play in delivering visitors to a website, I found many similarities to the role a concert venue has connecting performers with an audience.

Musicians want to perform in front of as many people as they can. The larger the venue, filled to capacity, the better. Music fans want to attend concerts with great sound and clear sight lines to the stage.

Know Your Audience

Our favorite entertainers know us ‐ the ticket-buying audience ‐ and they deliver what we expect. The same is true for your website. Know what your audience is searching for and then tailor the page content so that it delivers what’s expected.

Identify what motivates your audience and then ensure the page content meets their desire is foundational for SEO. Searches are commonly driven by one of four motivations, the desire to:

  1. know something
  2. do something
  3. acquire something
  4. get somewhere

The Coveted Slots

Concert venues want capacity audiences nightly, in order to maximize revenue from tickets, concessions and parking. Venues book the most popular acts prime time slots to perform, while newcomers to a scene might be stuck playing at 12:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning.

Similarly, search engines award top positions to established websites that apply best-practices for on-page SEO, have quality page content and receive many inbound links.

Location also plays a role. Established local and regional acts play larger venues and to more people, the closer they are to home. Search engines consider location in their results. Your rankings can improve as searchers use your brand or narrow their search to your geographic location.

Additional Ways to Visualize SEO

Here are additional visualizations for search engine as a concert venue:

  • website = musical act
  • on-page SEO = musicianship and technique
  • page content = songs
  • inbound links = fans
  • #1 Google rank = Friday or Saturday headlining slot
  • #2 or #3 Google rank = Friday or Saturday opening slot
  • bottom first page Google rank = weekday slot
  • second page or further Google rank = practicing in the basement or playing in another town where no one’s heard of you.