¡paLABra! Self-Titled Record

¡paLABra! is an album of interpretations of pre-revolutionary Cuban standards performed with a mix of rock, Latin, jazz and psychedelia.

The band originated from a society gig performing background music at a Cuban-themed fundraising event. Vague charts, open ears and a healthy dose of improvisation were the required ingredients for the evening’s musical menu.

Subsequent live performances lead to recording sessions held over multiple years in various studios. The resulting record captured conversations between players who possess diverse musical tastes, influences and experiences.

The players involved – Allen Coté, Quinten Farr, Benjamin Schaefer, Calvin Turner, Lisa Ridgely and Sugar Ransom – delivered phenomenal performances, making this a fun record to revisit repeatedly.

Get the Music

¡paLABra! is available on CD, digital download and streaming at bandcamp.com.