Peter Mulvey and Friends: Lift Every Voice

I work with a lot of artists who are activists. The art comes from somewhere, and theirs come from places where I easily understand the language. I’m an optimist, but January 2017 seemed to land without a trace of optimism. So, we artists get busy, we contribute and we seek joy, love and beauty along the way.

Lift Every Voice is an emotional listen. Though only five songs, it’s packed with heartbreak, humor and hope. The EP also features Monique Ross and Chauntee Ross (SistaStrings) and the first time together on a recording.

Get the Music

Lift Every Voice is not a CD, but a free digital download. So you can have it, with a tiny caveat: you’re committing to donating to one of several social justice organizations. Learn more about this EP and download the songs at


  1. Song For Michael Brown
  2. Maryam On The Train
  3. Jesus Wants To Take Your Guns Away
  4. Take Down Your Flag
  5. Lift Every Voice