Push, Stevens Point

Push was one of my bands during my college years in Stevens Point, WI. We were utterly DYI at the beginning, writing, recording and distributing the music all on our own. The first record, Breathe, was recorded and mixed on a Tascam 688, an 8-track analog cassette recorder. The band grew and got professional help on the second record, Shamefaced. We also recorded a single, “Song for David” for a Wisconsin compilation record, Emergency on Mother Earth.

Hear the Music

Hear the material mentioned above, plus subsequent Push recordings on Spotify.

Push Compadres

  • Owen Sartori was Push’s primary songwriter and is currently a principal at F5 SoundHouse in Minneapolis.
  • Ben Kurth recorded electric guitar and bass and did all the heavy lifting to record Breathe on his Tascam 688.
  • Pat Connaughty joined Push after Breathe’s release and is currently creating music that I’m genuinely a fan of with Squarewave.
  • Chris Hankes was my partner in percussion, recording congas and hand percussion overdubs on Breathe and providing lift to the live sound on stage.