Lyric Advisory Board: The Great American Novelty

Allen Cote is Lyric Advisory Board’s chief instigator and primary songwriter. Allen is generous with his songs, handing them over to the trusted musicians he assembles and then lets the creative process flow. Song arrangements and production were collaborative processes, where exploration was encouraged, and “What if?” was often answered by “Why not?” The result is The Great American Novelty, a crazed but coherent concept record with a bit of theatre and country-punk sensibilities.

My favorite tracks are “Masters of Words,” an easily danceable pop song in 7/4, and “The Ballad of Tallulah Bankhead,” a straight-forward stomp with a lot of accentuating concert percussion overdubs.

Get the Music

The Great American Novelty by Lyric Advisory Board is available on CD, digital download and streaming at


“American Carnage”

The video was a collaboration between the band, cinematographer and editor, costume designer and all of the fun things on the set location. Note: The lyrics contain language that may offend.

WMSE Local/Live

Lyric Advisory Board perform songs from The Great American Novelty live and on-air at WMSE 91.7 in Milwaukee.